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Most Prestigious Cricket Tournaments in the World


Most Prestigious Cricket Tournaments in the World

Most Prestigious Cricket Tournaments in the World

The game of Cricket is widely known as the gentleman's game and is played by the most notable players in the world. The English invented the game and made it one to be enjoyed by the most dedicated sportsmen on the planet. At present, the top teams ruling the world of Cricket with bustling talents are India, England, and lastly, the beast Australia.


The new age youngsters got hooked on the game through the TV screens and the Cricket games available on computers in the early 90s. In the new age since 2020, people have gotten attached to the new form of Cricket game on cell phones called fantasy Cricket. This game allowed players to manage their team based on player performances and put them up against other rivals on the internet.


As most cricketing tournaments are returning to full force after the pandemic, let us focus on some of the most prestigious Cricket tournaments organized worldwide.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Undoubtedly, the World Cup is the most prestigious Cricket tournament in the world, and players across all countries gather to participate and display their best in this historical tournament. The players that play in the world cup earn the utmost respect of the fans, and they get to represent their country in the topmost format of the great game. The entire competition is divided into four stages where players get a chance to fight for the honor of their nation. There are 16 teams in total that participate in these World Cup matches. Since only the most talented players get a chance to participate in the contests, all the tournament rounds are entertaining and have some of the most memorable moments for the game fans. Winning the world cup is a matter of prestige for every cricketer, and every legend in history has tried their best to get this trophy for their national team.

The Ashes Series

The history of this series is as fascinating as the game's name. This name was coined after the defeat of England at the hands of the Australian national team in August 1882. The name for the tournament was made from a joke made by a Britisher in a newspaper article. The writer remarked using solid words that since the defeat of the English team, their nation's body needs to be cremated and their Ashes to be taken back to Australia.


This defeat of England started a rivalry between both teams, and it became a tradition for the English players to recover their Ashes from their rivals. Out of respect, every player submits to the tournament trials and maintains their national honor in the international clashes. As a result, this is undoubtedly the best Test series in the world.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League ranks as the top attended Cricket tournament on the planet. The emergence of short-form Cricket played within a span of 20 overs spread the infection of this new kind of tournament worldwide. In 2010 IPL also became the first sporting event to be broadcast live on Youtube.


The game is quite challenging as players in this tournament have to be on their toes at every instance and play to their full strength and stamina. Every player in this tournament must be a ticking bomb and achieve the most they can with their short time on the ball. This tournament celebrates the adaptability and flexibility of cricketers and is an actual test of their will to commit to every position that the situation demands. The valuation of IPL is over 6.1 billion as of 2020, making it one of the world's biggest sporting tournaments. Players have to go on auction to be chosen as a part of an IPL team, and it is certainly a badge of honor to be the most valued player in the tournament. Chennai Super Kings is the club that is presently the favorite contender for the current IPL trophy.

ACC Asia Cup

This is one of the top one-day international tournaments that was established in the year 1984. The sole reason behind the invention of this game is to promote Cricket in Asian countries. The major countries participating in this cup are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.


Organizing this tournament is also a hassle, and nations go under inevitable political tensions between them, which leads to canceling the decided schedule of matches. To the present day, the game has been put on hold twice owing to a clash between countries. The famous Pakistan-India rivalry is also observed in the Asia Cup, but India still manages to remain at the top of the board at all times.

Commonwealth Bank Series

This series is the oldest Cricket tournament in the world and is organized by the Australian government. Due to good players in the games, it amassed immense popularity and ensured its legacy as one of the top Cricket tournaments. It is a tri-series held in Australia among two visiting teams and Australia themselves. The first of this tournament began in 1979-80 and is usually held in December, January, and February. The format of Cricket played is in the style of One Day Internationals. After the top two teams emerge through a round-robin, the final game is played to declare the winner of the prestigious series.

Summing Up

Cricket is among the top viewed sports on the planet, and a massive percentage of the global population enjoy watching it. The series' discussed in the list are the major ones to keep an eye out for as they offer the best performances from players, and a glorifying end of respect and trophies await the antiques performed by them on the Cricket field.

Disclaimer:- Cricket Series or Tournamnets and Match Date, Time and Venue of all cricket teams data has been completed from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and Indiacricketschedule.com makes no claims about the authenticity of the Cricket Series or Tournamnets and Match Date, Time and Venue data. This may change due to many reasons.

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