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Betting on Cricket in India


 Without any doubt, cricket is the most popular sport among Indian bet enthusiasts. Plenty of tournaments and all-season events attract the attention of fans of this sport to numerous online betting platforms. In the current review, you will learn more about Betwinner, which is currently the top pick among punters from India. Plus, you can get an insight into all available cricket betting markets. Knowledge about available markets is key to understanding cricket betting and predicting outcomes correctly.

Betting on Cricket in India

Reasons for Cricket Popularity in India

There are many reasons for this game's popularity among bettors from India. But the most crucial of them are listed below. The popularity of cricket has a long history. Initially, this game was the top 1 game among land-based bookmakers all over the country. Then, with the development of Internet technologies, cricket became a new market. So, this is a matter of tradition. 

It is one of the easiest sports to bet on. Though there are a lot of markets, odd types, and various leagues, all of this is relatively quick to master if you are a cricket enthusiast. The third reason is connected with the second one. Since there are a lot of markets and betting options, cricket gives various chances to win. 

It is a big-money business. Cricket tournaments in India attract thousands of fans and accumulate a lot of money. There are a lot of world events where Indian teams take top positions in the leaderboards. 

In general, this is one of the betting options where all types of punters can be involved. So whether you prefer considerable betting with low stakes or take a serious risk with big money - you can find a suitable option.

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

According to the present laws, gambling and betting activities are restricted on the country's territory. Moreover, the government has a total monopoly on these businesses without exceptions. However, it does not relate to the online platforms which are registered and located offshore. Therefore, in this case, Indian betting and gambling laws can not be applied to them.

Available Cricket Bet Types

Whether a newbie or an experienced punter, you should clearly understand the available cricket markets and their main advantages. This knowledge can help you faster analyze the situation and make the right decisions that can bring you profit. It is especially important during live betting when you are limited with time and experience high risks. 

Below, you can learn about the main and additional markets you can face on online bookies.

  1. Series Winner. This bet type is similar to the Match Winner. The only difference is that you predict the team that will become the champion of the tournament—é

  2. Odd or Even Runs. In this case, you predict if a particular team's overall number of runs is even or odd. It is one of those bets which does not require you to have a deep knowledge of cricket or an understanding of particular team performance.

  3. Most Sixies. Here you bet on a batsman who will get the most sixes during a particular inning of the match. Remember that this bet requires a good understanding of a specific player, condition, and overall performance.

  4. Over-Under Score. Here, you bet on whether a particular team gets over or under a specific number of scores. Along with the Odd or Even option, it is among the most popular bets on most bookies, including Betwinner.

  5. To Score 50 Runs. It is a simple bet when you predict which batsmen will get 50 runs during the game. On the other hand, you should know players' performance to make the right decision.

  6. To Score 100 Runs. It is an almost identical bet compared to the previous one. The only difference is that you choose the player who will score 100 Runs. Also, it is less popular compared to the 50 Runs bet.

  7. Future. It is one of the riskiest bets on the current list. In this case, you predict that a particular player or team will perform best in a specific tournament. As a rule, this bet is characterized by the highest odds and requires deep knowledge of all teams participating in the game. 

  8. Toss Winner. It is another simple bet type since it does not require you to know even cricket rules or learn statistics before hands. In this case, you should predict the team winning the coin toss. It is a 50/50 bet, so you can experience odds that even the money. For example, if you can place 100₹ and your prediction does not fail, you get the same 100₹.

  9. Dismissal Method. Compared to all other odd types, this one is the most specific. Here you predict the way a wicket will fall. There may be LBW, bowl, run out, and other options. Because of high specificity, this bet type is always accompanied by high odds.

  10. Top Bowler. Here, you place stakes on the bowler who will get the biggest number of wickets. A distinguishing feature of this bet is that you can apply it to a certain match or the whole cricket series. Compared to Match Winner, this stake requires a deep understanding of the overall team's performance and the characteristics of a specific player.

  11. Main Batsman. This bet type is a bit more complicated than Match Winner but still popular among inexperienced punters. As the title suggests, the bettor should predict the most efficient batsman of a particular team. At the time of writing, this bet is growing in popularity on most online bookies, including Betwinner.

  12. Match Winner. It is one of the easiest and most widespread match bets. You should place a certain amount on a team that will win the game. To place a successful bet, you should get exhausted statistics and learn information from top cricket analysts beforehand. 

Of course, there is a high probability that you will not use all of these bet types. But anyway, you should have a general understanding of each to make the right choice and boost your chances of winning.

Betting on Cricket in India

Betwinner - Top Platform for Successful Betting on Cricket

Suppose you decide to bet on cricket online. In that case, you should first find a reliable and trusted platform that offers many betting options, various payment gateways, and a suitable interface.

Betwinner is one such platform available for punters from India. Below, you can check a list of key features which became the main reasons to add this bookie to this review.

  1. Credibility and legality. Dafabet operates fully legally under the license issued by the Curacao eGaming Commission. It means it offers a whole range of services that stick to the norms of the regulator that issued the license. As a result, you can count on timely payments, fair cricket odds, no hidden fees, etc.

  2. Geo-restrictions. The platform accepts punters from India, so you do not need to use mirrors, VPN services, anonymizers, etc. 

  3. Variety of cricket events. Regardless live or pre-match betting type you choose, there are always a lot of games you can place stakes on. In addition, they all come with competitive odds compared to other betting platforms in the market. 

  4. Streaming option. A great advantage of the portal is that you do not need to register on third-party streaming platforms since you can watch all supported cricket matches directly on the site. As a result, it helps reduce financial spending and allows you to react quickly to game changes and make the right decision.

  5. Handy interface. Betwinner offers an intuitively understandable interface and easy interaction with coefficients. Even if you are a newbie in the cricket betting market, you can master it within 15-20 minutes. 

  6. Payment methods. The platform offers trusted and secured financial gateways you can use to place deposits or withdraw funds. A great advantage is that bookie supports local payment processors and can use rupees while betting.

  7. Mobile apps. The platform allows you to place bets on cricket via smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android on board. It makes it easy to bet on the go, regardless of the location.

Separately, it is worth mentioning a vast FAQ section and knowledge base of the portal. If you have any questions related to cricket betting, you can find them on your own. You can also learn about betting rules, get an insight into tips and tricks, etc. If you still have questions, you can also contact the customer support service, which is available 24/7. You can reach Betwinner experts via the handy live chat option, drop them an email, or make a call using the hotline.


  1. Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Yes, you can bet on your favorite team without any problems. The key is to pick the licensed platform registered offshore, like Betwinner.

  1. How to pick a reliable platform for betting on cricket?

You should check the bookmaker's license and feedback on independent review sites. Also, evaluate the range of supported tournaments, betting options, and payment gateways.

  1. Why is Betwinner the top solution for betting on cricket in India?

This bookie does not have geo-restrictions towards India, accepts payments in rupees, and offers a wide range of betting options.

Disclaimer:- Cricket Series or Tournamnets and Match Date, Time and Venue of all cricket teams data has been completed from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and Indiacricketschedule.com makes no claims about the authenticity of the Cricket Series or Tournamnets and Match Date, Time and Venue data. This may change due to many reasons.

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