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Neymar Loses €1 Million at Poker Table, Authenticity Disputed


Brazilian footballer Neymar lost a million euros in a very short time during a live stream. Via his Twitch channel, the 31-year-old attacker shared images of the moment he suffered the mega loss at the poker table. Although Neymar seemed to act as if the loss affected him deeply, Brazilian media claim that the emotions were played. The Brazilian superstar visibly struggled with the loss of a million dollars, his friends played a modified version of My Heart Will Go On, the Titanic theme song.


Active in the Gambling World for Quite Some Time

In addition to his footballing qualities, Neymar is also known as a gifted actor. The Brazilian attacker is an ambassador of the online casino Blaze, which may have allowed him to play with a million euros for promotion. It is therefore assumed that the Brazilian has not lost anything from his own pocket.

The live stream was shared via Twitch, which has been banned from promoting gambling sites and casinos online since October 2022. Providers of sports betting, fantasy sports, and online poker are still allowed to use the platform.

Neymar plays for French football club Paris Saint-Germain and is likely to be sidelined for the rest of the season after sustaining an ankle injury in the lost round of 16 Champions League games against Bayern Munich. Even then, PSG's number 10 would leave the field in tears.

Gambling Streams on Twitch Banned Since October 2022

Twitch is part of Amazon and is extremely popular for streaming live and recorded content. Streamers in all kinds of categories are active on the website, although there is a strong emphasis on video games. The videos are often provided with live commentary.

Some Twitch streamers make millions from sponsored content. Twitch streams are allowed in Saudi Arabia, where Neymar recently moved. However, online gambling streams are prohibited by the platform itself. That ban would took effect in October 2022 after complaints from prominent streamers about gambling-related advertising. They threatened to boycott the platform if it did not ban this type of content.

Neymar Moves to Saudi Arabia

Neymar is known for his greed for money, so it was not difficult to predict his next destination, as it was known that he would be among the players moving to the Saudi League. Despite the media blackout on the total Neymar deal, reports indicate that the total value of the deal amounted to 100 million euros! However, the much-hyped, under- titled Brazilian appears to have a craving for more money. The contract stipulated that Neymar obtain 5 servants to organize his house, which contains 25 rooms. Moreover, the contract also provided for the Brazilian player to have two sports cars with their drivers to enjoy watching them race on Saudi Arabia’s roads!

Certainly, Neymar will stop gambling in Saudi Arabia, as his contract stipulates that there will be no live streams of gambling games within Saudi territory. So, he may take one of his sports cars and travel to Kuwait, which is the gambling centre in the Arabian Gulf, to enjoy online casino games for adults in Kuwait, especially since he will find many like-minded gamblers there, unlike Saudi Arabia, which completely bans virtual gambling games.


Despite the rare talent that Neymar possesses, he is completely immature, wastes a lot of money on gambling, and is absent - because of his evening parties - at important matches. This threatens his professional career and may soon end it.

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