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Saudi Arabia's Interest in Making Indian Cricket League Worth $30 Billion


The success of the Indian Premier League (IPL) hardly goes unnoticed for obvious reasons. Everyone appreciates an association with remarkable performance, and the IPL perfectly fits this bill. The interest is usually local and foreign, and Saudi Arabia has made its interest public.

That follows the discussion between the Indian officials and the advisers of its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman regarding this matter. The project, covered extensively by media sources, such as Bloomberg, elaborates on the notion of turning IPL into a holding company with heavy investment from Saudi Arabia. In addition to being a substantial financial infusion into the cricket world, Saudi Arabia's possible $30 billion investment in the Indian Cricket League presents opportunities for cooperative ventures with the gambling sector. For cricket fans, this partnership might present an interesting new direction, leveraging betting bonus codes such as the Parimatch bonus code and promotions tailored to the league, fostering increased participation and interest in the sport.

Saudi Arabia's Interest in Making Indian Cricket League Worth $30 Billion

The idea arose in September during the Crown Prince's visit to India. The deal would involve turning the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) charitable organization into a holding company.

What Are People Saying About the Multi-billion Investment in the IPL?

On one side, there is Lalit Modi, who seems quite vocal regarding this potential investment. On the other hand, there is Saudi Arabia's administration, and here is what the two parties have supposedly said about the investment.

Lalit Modi On Saudi Arabia's Investment In IPL

The IPL's founder is in strong support of the potential investment that Saudi Arabia is allegedly investing in the IPL. The veteran businessman has an idea of having up to 20 teams in a second-tier league.

As he spoke about this investment, something became clear, and that's the bad blood between him and the BCCI. His ban from the organization that occurred in 2013 is still intact. Interestingly, there hasn't been any communication between him and the BCCI for 15 years.

Saudi Arabia's Administration On The IPL Investment

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia has yet to confirm this interest in the Indian Cricket League officially. Nevertheless, that is yet to water down the optimism of the likes of Lalit Modi regarding this investment.

The Sports-Washing Claims

The likes of Grant Liberty see these investments as sports washing to compensate for the suffering people have experienced at the hands of the Saudi Arabian government. It is a PR stunt that Saudi Arabia is using to change the narrative people have about the country.

What Will the Investment Mean for India?

If this investment were to become official, there would be changes that the Indian Cricket League would undergo. For instance, there is a high chance that it will become a holding company. After all, that's a discussion on the table, according to reports.

Equally important, the popularity of the league will increase significantly. Its popularity is already huge as it is, and scaling it even higher will be a game changer. As it is, bidders gave out $6.2 billion to get the right to telecast its T20 cricket extravaganza. Within a single match, that's about $15.1 million, which is higher than the English Premier League bid.

However, there are pitfalls, such as the policies governing investments in India. So, Saudi Arabia's investing in the IPL could bring changes in the country's investment policy, including investments in this particular league.

There is also the sovereignty India will have over sports, especially cricket. For instance, does the investment give Saudi Arabia a say on who can play in the IPL? Equally important, can players from other countries play in the league since the league will be a holding company? All these issues will govern how this venture goes down, no doubt.

Lastly, there is the tax issue. Since BCCI is a charitable organization, it enjoys tax exemption. If it becomes a holding company and Saudi Arabia invests in this league, will the taxing paradigm shift?

Final Words

The potential Saudi Arabia investment in the Indian Cricket League is already causing stirs since it is a game-changer. Whether it will materialize or not is an issue; only time can tell. Then, there is the issue of how it goes down if it becomes an official deal.

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