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Lucky Jet in India: Why This Crash Game Won the Hearts of Millions

Lucky Jet: The New Star of Crash Games

Do you want to feel yourself in the role of a real trader, making profit from trading? Then you need to play Lucky Jet! The crash game appeared in 2021, winning the hearts of millions of users around the world. Its main character, Lucky Joe with a jetpack, has become a symbol of success and transparent shenanigans. Thanks to the support of Provably Fair, users can independently verify the invariability of the results of each round. Place your bets, watch the odds rise and claim your winnings before the round is over!

Lucky Jet in India: Why This Crash Game Won the Hearts of Millions

Lucky Jet Features & Specifications

Lucky Jet is an innovative crash game developed by 1Win that combines elements of gambling and betting strategy. It attracts with simple rules and exciting gameplay with non-trivial visualisation of the draw results. At the beginning of the round on the screen appears Lucky Joe with a jetpack. As the flight continues, the bet multiplier increases, increasing the player's potential winnings.

RTP at the level of 97% and high odds, up to x200, ensured the crash game's incredible popularity. The demo version allows you to familiarise yourself with the mechanics and develop a strategy without risking real funds.



Release date


RTP (Return to Player)


Game Mode

Free (demo version) and for real money

Language support

More than 60 languages including Hindi and English

Supported currency

INR, USD, EUR, INR, BDT, BTC, TRX and others

Gaming platforms

iOS, Android, MacOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux

Number of bets per round


Maximum bet multiplier


Pause between rounds

5 seconds

Round duration

5 - 30 seconds

Minimum rate

5 INR.

Maximum rate

8,000 INR.

Auto Delivery" function


Live Chat


Rules & Strategies for Playing Lucky Jet

The essence of the game is to make a bet and manage to take the winnings before Lucky Joe flies out of the playing field. If the user does not have time to request a withdrawal, the bet amount is burnt.

The mechanics of the gameplay of Lucky Jet:

  • Interface. In the centre of the screen is the playing field where Lucky Joe is flying around. At the bottom is the control panel with options for selecting the bet size and withdrawal. To the right of it is the online chat for communicating with other users, and to the left is the statistics with the results of previous rounds.
  • Bets and Odds. A player can wager any amount between Rs 5 and Rs 8,000. At the beginning of the round, the multiplier is 1.1 and can reach 200 by the end of the draw.
  • Gameplay. At the beginning of the round, Lucky Joe appears on the screen. Users make bets and watch his flight. The speed and height of movement are constantly changing, because of which the coefficient grows unevenly. The aim of the game is to withdraw money before Joe flies off the screen.

The winnings in Lucky Jet game are calculated using a simple formula: W = S × K, where S is the bet size and K is the coefficient at the time of withdrawal.

Lucky Jet Winning Strategies

To win in a crash game, you need to not only rely on luck, but also use effective betting strategies. They are designed to optimise the gaming process and reduce financial risks.

Conservative Game Method

The strategy involves playing with low odds of winning - from 1.1x to 1.5x. The idea is to win small amounts frequently. This approach requires patience and discipline, as the player needs to learn to stop in time and not chase big winnings.

Double Betting Strategy

you to compensate for losses and get into the plus side with the first win. Start with the minimum bet. If you fail, increase the amount by 2 times. Stick to the Lucky Jet strategy until you achieve success, then return to the starting bet.

Split Bankroll Strategy

Divide your bankroll into many smaller bets to increase the number of attempts and reduce the risk of large losses. This method gives you control over your finances and increases the probability of winning by placing more bets.

Auto Withdrawal Strategy

Define in advance the multiplier for the automatic withdrawal, which will serve as the winning target for each round. For example, if you set the multiplier to 3x, the system will automatically calculate the winnings the moment the specified value is reached.

Lucky Jet: First Step to Victory Demo Version

Demo mode is an ideal opportunity for beginners and experienced players to get to know the video slot without risking money. This version of the game gives a full understanding of the mechanics, rules and dynamics of Lucky Jet, allowing you to develop and refine winning strategies without financial losses.

How to Play the Demo Version?

Playing Lucky Jet for virtual coins is easy. Go to the casino section on the 1Win website, click on the slot icon and select the appropriate option in the tooltip window.

Benefits of Demo Version

Playing in test mode is not only fun, but also useful. It allows you to:

  • Improve understanding of the mechanics of crash games;
  • Learn how to manage your bankroll effectively;
  • Evaluate potential risks and gains without actual losses;
  • Have fun with the game by learning its features.

The demo version of Lucky Jet India is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to increase the probability of winning and maximise the fun of betting. It is a chance to become more confident in your actions before moving on to play for real money.

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