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Unlock the secrets of Aviator: The Complete Crash Game Guide on 1Win

Aviator 1Win: Path to Victory in Crash Game

In the world of online gambling appeared crash game, which in a short time won the hearts of millions of gamblers and strategists. We are talking about Aviator 1Win - a unique video slot that combines elements of gambling and trading. This machine, inspired by the dynamics of stock charts, offers not only to test your luck, but also to test your strategic thinking in an attempt to anticipate the right moment to withdraw your winnings.

Unlock the secrets of Aviator

Aviator Features & Specifications

Aviator game 1Win is released by the developer Spribe, who combined the principles of gambling and trading in one product. The inspiration was stock charts with unpredictable dynamics of stock prices. The emergency game offers to experience emotions similar to those of traders, but without significant financial risks.



Release date




Maximum multiplier

x100 (basic), x1000 (with "Chance of x1000" function)


Up to 7 players

Rate range

₹7 - ₹1000

Round time

8 - 30 seconds

Auto Delivery" function


Demo mode



Mobile devices, PCs


Provably Fair

Online chat


Round statistics


The machine uses Provably Fair technology to ensure that every round is fair and transparent. Trading elements such as a changing aircraft flight chart and bet multiplier are associated with the game. Various strategies are available to users to increase their chances of winning, and the 'Chance at x1000' feature adds to the excitement by activating randomly after each round.

Aviator Game Rules & Strategies

The success of the game at 1Win Aviator depends on the ability to use betting strategies and react to dynamically changing conditions. Its essence boils down to the withdrawal of winnings before the round is over.


The game's interface is designed so that users can easily find the information or option of interest, which include:

  • Betting statistics. The machine has information about the user's personal bets, as well as other players' data, including the biggest wins.
  • Coefficients of the last rounds. The top panel displays the multipliers rolled in the last rounds. This gives an idea of the dynamics of the game and helps you decide on withdrawals in future rounds.
  • Live Chat. The chat function is designed for communicating with other 1 Win Aviator users, sharing betting strategies and game impressions.

Game Mechanics

The Spribe company has created a unique machine, in which there are neither reels with symbols, nor paylines. The mechanics of the game is as follows:

  • The beginning of the round: the player makes a bet, after which a small red "cornplane" appears on the screen.
  • Flight: the aeroplane starts to climb upwards, and with it the bet multiplier increases.
  • Withdrawal: to win, you need to collect your winnings before the plane flies out of the playing field.
  • Potential winnings: the higher the "corncob" rises, the higher the coefficient and, consequently, the amount of winnings.

Features & Functions

Simple rules and quick rounds make the 1 Win Aviator game dynamic and accessible to a wide range of users. To increase control over your bets, you can use the gameplay automation features:

  • Auto Bet - placing a bet in each round for a set amount without player intervention;
  • Autocashout - automatic withdrawal of money when the preset odds are reached.

The game interface has two windows for entering the amount. If desired, the 1Win user can place two bets in one round. This allows not only to increase the potential winnings, but also to distribute the risks.

Your Way to Play Aviator on 1Win

Betting at Aviator is preceded by preparation, which takes just a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is to register and login to 1Win Aviator. If you are interested in playing for money and not just in demo mode, go to the cashier's office and top up your account.

Aviator Demo: The Benefits of Test Mode

The demo version of the game is launched without prior 1Win login Aviator and top-up. It is designed for:

  • Familiarise yourself with the rules: learn the mechanics and features of the video slot without risking funds.
  • Strategy testing: experiment with different betting approaches to find the most successful strategy for your game.
  • Exploring the interface: familiarise yourself with the selection of options to adapt to real-world gameplay faster.
  • Risk-free entertainment: enjoy betting without worrying about losing money.

The test mode is a valuable tool for beginners and advanced users who want to improve their understanding of the game and practice strategies without risking their budget.

Provably Fair Technology in Aviator

Provably Fair is an innovative mechanism that ensures transparency and fairness of the game in Aviator. The main purpose of the technology is to allow you to independently check the fairness of each round and make sure that there is no manipulation on the part of the slot provider and the casino.

The principle of Provably Fair is based on the use of cryptographic methods. Before the start of each round, the algorithm generates and transmits to the player an encrypted hash that contains the results of the future round. After the game is over, he receives a key to decrypt the hash and can check that the results have not been changed or tampered with.

Provably Fair builds trust in online casinos and gaming platforms by offering proof of a transparent and fair gaming experience. The introduction of the technology has been a significant step in the development of the online gambling industry, as it has led to higher standards of fairness and opened up new opportunities for safe and fair gaming.

Join like-minded players on 1Win to immerse yourself in a world of exciting adventures. The Aviator game provides unforgettable emotions and high chances of winning. Place your bets and win!

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